The artisans that we partner with approach their craft thoughtfully with a sincere concern for how their products affect their customers and the environment. We believe that food made this way simply tastes better... and that makes people happy.


Easy Tiger Bakery

Outstanding breads and pastries served in a casual, yet discerning atmosphere, Easy Tiger has raised the stakes on baked goods in Austin.  We’re happy to benefit from their tasty creations. Visit Easy Tiger Bakery >


Cake and Spoon

From their kitchen in East Austin, Cake and Spoon bakes some of the best pastries around.  Scones, quiches, cakes, pies and other goodies you will dream about.  A farmer’s market mainstay, C&S is seriously dedicated to utilizing Texas farms and growers for their seasonal recipes. Visit Cake and Spoon >


Peoples Pharmacy Kitchen 

A local institution with a passion for helping people stay healthy, Peoples also has some fabulous gluten free pastries with high quality, organic, locally sourced ingredients.  We are proud to carry these tasty options for our patrons with food allergy concerns (seriously, you can’t tell they’re gluten-free!). Visit Peoples Pharmacy >


Henri’s Cheese 

A European-style, neighborhood wine and cheese shop in South Austin.  Henri’s shares our passion for cheese, charcuterie and wine.  Their cheeses are sourced locally and around the world from family farms focused on quality. Visit Henri's Cheese >


Johnson’s Backyard Garden

JBG is a community supported agriculture farm supplying Austinites with high quality, locally grown, organic vegetables. Visit Johnson's Backyard Garden >


Coyote Creek Farm

Coyote Creek is dedicated to sustainable, organic and local farming and ranching practices, coupled with the humane treatment of animals. Their pastured chickens produce healthy, nutrient dense eggs that are truly the “World’s Best Eggs.” Visit Coyote Creek >


Mill-King Creamery

A central Texas, family-run farm, Mill-King has been in the dairying business for generations.  They use a low-temperature method to pasteurization, which keeps the healthy enzymes and delicious taste of milk in tact. No hormones, additives or preservatives - all the vitamins and goodness of pure milk, nothing artificial. Visit Mill Creamery >


Daily Greens 

Daily Greens understands the life giving benefits of green juice.  Made locally in Austin, with 6 pounds of nourishing produce in each bottle, their juice is cold-pressed for maximum nutrient content. Each bottle contains 9 servings of raw vegetable and fruits. Visit Daily Greens >


Rachel Wilson

A certified sommelier with a passion for unique, sustainable wines. Visit Wine for the People >


Kosmic Kombucha

Kosmic is brewed in Austin with a blend of organic oolong and green teas. They've handcrafted some unique flavors using fresh, natural ingredients that contain powerful, healthy nutrients. Visit Kosmic Kombucha >

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Rockstar Bagels

Started by a local drummer, Rockstar Bagels are boiled, baked, fermented, and delivered fresh 7 days per week throughout in Austin. Visit Rockstar Bagels >



East Side Pies

A thin crispy crust pizza, fully loaded with homemade goodness. Most of their toppings are locally sourced from farms and ranches in central Tex



The Chocolate Makers Studio

small-batch, handcrafted chocolates, made in Austin, Texas. Visit them here.




Tea Embassy

Tea Embassy is a family owned business that bringsthe best teas from around the world. They have over 200 premium, specialty, loose leaf teas.




Dick Taylor Chocolates

Small batch bean to bar chocolate--using organic and local ingredients. More here






French Broad Chocolates

Delicious small batch chocolate bars created in a small factory in North Carolina.French Broad Chocolates works with small farmers and seek to develop a closer relationship with food that comes across in their product.


Bearded Brothers

Bearded Brother bars are, raw, vegan, gluten and soy free, made with organic ingredients, and crafted in hot and sunny Austin, Texas. Oh, and everything else theymake is pretty dang delicious, too.



Sightglass Coffee

We were ecstatic to find a roaster that loves the craft of coffee as much as we do! Our friends at Sightglass are artists of the coffee process from berry to brew. Together we cup the cleanest, most subtle and complex coffee around.  See what Sightglass is about







Lick Honest Ice Cream

To us, honest ice creams simply means we use only pure, wholesome ingredients in our artisanal ice creams. What doesn’t go into our ice creams is just as important as what does.